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Mahesh Yalamanchili | GMAT 710 | Indian School of Business

I was looking for help in Verbal when I came across CrackVerbal. I used advanced, GMAT- oriented material from CrackVerbal to prepare. My Verbal scores were really low on my first attempt and after attending CrackVerbal’s Verbal classes, the second time my Verbal scores improved. I had a good experience with CrackVerbal with regard to my GMAT Coaching. This made me opt for their application services as well and I wasn’t disappointed.

Gaurav Singh| GMAT 710| Georgia Institute of Technology

CrackVerbal helped me organize my prep and taught me a lot of shortcuts that helped me with time management on the exam. The modules that I was weakest in turned into my strengths. The classes were very interactive and helped me increase my Verbal score by about 10 points in 1.5 months. Plus, their test center is the perfect re-creation of the actual exam; this helped me in a great way! And I regret that I didn’t join them the first time.

Siddharth Shukla | GMAT 710 | Indian School of Business

When I started preparing for the GMAT, I wasn't really sure on how I should approach the Verbal section. I felt I needed somebody who’s been in my shoes and could help me with Verbal. My brother told me about CrackVerbal after hearing about them from other resources. The first RC class I attended was a demo class. The way Arun teaches is quite different. He approached the subject in such a way that made realize that Verbal is achievable.

Ritesh Ranjan | GMAT 710 | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The hardest part was the reading comprehension on GMAT Verbal. The guidance from CrackVerbal from the basic concepts to techniques on how to handle each question really helped me. After attending GMAT Verbal classes, I had a different perspective towards the questions on the test as I had more clarity on how to attempt each question. CrackVerbal classes definitely makes a difference. They helped me go beyond 700 by polish-ing my analytical skills.

Adithya Pandanda HEC Paris

Adithya Pandanda | GMAT 710 | HEC Paris

CrackVerbal's classes served a great purpose by helping me score a 710 on the GMAT. I owe my MBA admit to CrackVerbal. They constantly motivated me through my entire MBA/ GMAT journey. Whenever I had any doubts I would post my queries on the forum and the Prep team at CrackVerbal would immediately help me with solutions.
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Abhinav Panwar McCombs School of Business

Abhinav Panwar|GMAT 710|McCombs School of Business

CrackVerbal helped me by giving me a head start with my MBA journey. They helped me by structuring my entire GMAT and interview prep. They gave me guidance and a routine to follow. CrackVerbal not only helps build your foundation but they also help you structure your prep. I would definitely recommend CrackVerbal to any GMAT Aspirant!
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Athul S Queens Canada

Athul S | GMAT 710 | Queen’s Canada

One thing that is really different at CrackVerbal is that they conduct numerous GMAT workshops for students. I attended the Advance Verbal Workshop before my exam and that made all the difference. It not only boosted my confidence but also sharpened my strategies to approach the test. Read about Athul's GMAT and CrackVerbal journey here. Follow Athul on LinkedIn.

Jyoti Ramnath London Business School

Jyoti Ramnath | GMAT 710 | London Business School

CrackVerbal was a real savior! As I am not a native English speaker, Verbal section was a real challenge for me. For my first attempt I referred several books on Verbal, which were not of great help. It was at this point that the CrackVerbal classes helped me a lot. CrackVerbal classes were backed by ample amount of good teaching and open discussions which elucidated my doubts. Learn more about Jyoti's experiences with GMAT and CrackVerbal  here. Follow Jyoti on LinkedIn.

Nishitha Paul Merage School of Business

Nishtha| GMAT 710 | The Paul-Merage School of Business

Believe me, my confidence in verbal gradually increased during the one-month preparation with the help of tutors and my hard work which was positively reflected in my score. Also, experts at CV gave very useful tips that helped me to understand the concepts and improve my performance on the GMAT. The attention that CV experts gave to its student’s performance and motivation they provided was incredible. Follow Nishtha on LinkedIn.

Avinash Satish | GMAT 700 | Indian School of Business

The CrackVerbal curriculum and teaching has been fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone who is preparing for the GMAT. The Verbal classes helped me improve my verbal score, and I had a great experience working with the CrackVerbal staff.

Rajesh Manivanan | GMAT 700 | Indian School of Business

Initially I didn't have a strategy in place for the GMAT. The tactics and strategies planned out were very helpful. Anyone could easily follow the one hour class at CrackVerbal and perfect their essays. For GMAT preparation, CrackVerbal is the place to go to. Especially since I had a problem with Verbal, I would definitely give full credit to CrackVerbal because I think they understand that portion of the exam really well.

Sanjot Harsoor|GMAT 700| Rotman School of Management

I attended the CrackVerbal course to jumpstart my prep. A bulk of my prep was done in the last 10 days before the exam. CrackVerbal primarily helped me develop the base on which I built myself. I enjoyed and benefited from the personal attention the instructors gave me.

Shailika Reddy| GMAT 700| Indian School of Business

After doing some research of my own on various forums I came to a decision that CrackVerbal was the place to go. Since I had a very short time span, they customized my entire prep schedule and completed my course. After attending CrackVerbal's classes and polishing what I felt was my strong suit, I was able to crack the GMAT with a 700.   When it came to my essays, I felt it had no structure. I was assigned a really good mentor who helped me articulate and structure my thoughts the way I really wanted to. CrackVerbal helped me put my stories to paper and structure them in such a way that everything fell into place.   What CrackVerbal taught me was to just go out there and give it your best shot. You will succeed for sure! CrackVerbal really helped me structure my thoughts, and they helped me a lot with my essays and boosting my confidence as well.

GMAT Vatsal

Vatsal Uttarwar |GMAT 700| SAID Business School – Oxford

A video testimonial by Vatsal - V26 - V34. And cracking the Quant too ! Watch Vatsal speak here  

Apoorva Mishra Indian School of Business

Apoorva Mishra| GMAT 700 | Indian School of Business

I prepared for my GMAT with their GMAT Course, I solidified my approach towards verbal. I realized that their material was enough to prepare for Verbal and Quant since there is ample data given in the books that they provide. While it comes to their Application Services, they helped me in achieving goal clarity, since that is the single most important thing that AdComms look for in an interview! Watch Apoorva on Youtube
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Kotnis Kollu| GMAT 690| Indian School of Business

When I enrolled in the Verbal class, CrackVerbal followed up on my GMAT prep at least once a month, asking if there was any way they could help and if I was able to put in the desired number of study hours. I think that motivation really helped me. I was never a serious student. But the kind of support and push that CrackVerbal gave me with regard to class videos, document and other material helped me prepare better for the exam.The entire eco-system of CrackVerbal really wants you to succeed- that’s the USP of CrackVerbal. It’s not just what I picked up in the classroom- the whole experience was worthwhile. Read about Kotnis's entire journey here.

Shripad Sonavay

Shripad Sonavay| GMAT 690 |Schulich School of Business

Coaching from CrackVerbal was an integral part of my GMAT journey. They helped me understand the pattern of the GMAT. At CrackVerbal, they taught me the right way to ace the Verbal section on the GMAT. Read more

CrackVerbal Oxford

Nikhil Nair|GMAT 690|SAID Business School – Oxford

CrackVerbal has a very unique understanding of the GMAT that helps students alot! The test taking tricks is what stayed with me and helped me on the GMAT! Watch him speak here  

Namratha Shetty| GMAT 690| Said Business School

It is with certainty I say that CrackVerbal not only set right my shaky GMAT Verbal foundation but also gave me confidence that I could nail the GMAT. I, today – Thank the CrackVerbal team for helping me out with my applications to schools of my choice without having to compromise on quality of education – and now I look forward to becoming a part of the class of 2012 – 2013 –Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Arabdha Sudhir|GMAT 680| IE Business School

I think what stands out about CrackVerbal is that their approach is very pragmatic. In a rather short time frame, they teach you hacks that help crack the GMAT. CrackVerbal seemed more genuine right from the beginning. No selling gimmicks! The instructors are not commercial and there’s always room for discussions. Read her story here

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