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Sentence Correction

When an Indian picks an answer choice because he thinks it “sounds right”, chances are he’ll get it wrong; but when a native English speaker makes such a guess, he is usually right! This is unfortunate, but true — our “ear for English” isn’t as well-honed as we think, and this can be a potential minefield on the GMAT.

This is why, in our SC classes, we do not believe in telling you to eliminate an answer option because it ‘sounds awkward’ or doesn’t ‘quite sound right’. We focus on having a clear-cut, logical explanation to eliminate every incorrect answer choice. We do this by teaching you the building blocks of grammar ( without getting into obscure and unnecessary nitty-gritties) to help you answer every Sentence Correction question you are ever going to face on the GMAT!


Reading Comprehension


The American education system  puts  a  lot of emphasis on reading  in general, and an average American graduate would have read up to 10 times more than an average Indian graduate. We Indians typically don’t read unless it’s for work or studies. But reading and comprehending diverse topics on the GMAT from anthropology to history to marine biology – this is another ball-game altogether!

 This is something that doesn’t come naturally to us. CrackVerbal’s RC techniques are focused on overcoming this basic handicap. Our instructors will teach you the simple, yet effective, art of RC Mapping. Having your RC map on your scratch pad means that you can now speed your way through the passage and get to answering the questions quicker. It also means that you don’t have to worry about remembering everything you read!

Critical Reasoning


In CrackVerbal’s CR classes, we teach you how logic, not knowledge, is at the core of solving RC questions. We teach you to focus on the building blocks of logic. If you are able to understand the structure & logical argument, any question will become very easy to solve.

We will also teach you how to distinguish between the different types of CR questions that the GMAT throws at you – ‘strengthen the argument’, ‘weaken the argument’, ‘assumption-based’ and ‘inference-based’ questions. Besides this, you will also learn how to tackle the dreaded ‘bold-faced’ question type.

GMAT Quant 

GMAT quant

Problem Solving

When it comes to math, students  in the US are encouraged to use creative ways of arriving at a solution. In contrast, the Indian educational system focuses on knowing the formula and working methodically towards a solution.

Our instructors will teach you to ‘unlearn’ the conventional method of solving math problems that you’ve been accustomed to since primary school! Then, they will teach you the powerful ‘back-solving’ technique, in which you work backwards from the various answer options.

You will also learn W-I-N method of solving questions. This basically involves substituting smart numbers in the question, thereby bypassing all those complicated, squiggly variables! With these techniques, you will be able to solve all questions within the time-limit, with the maximum accuracy possible. Math might have been your bugbear all your life, but we will do our best to ensure that GMAT Quant isn’t! 🙂


Data Sufficiency

As you begin solving Data Sufficiency questions, you will realize that you don’t even need to solve these problems in the traditional sense – you just need to know how much data is required to solve a problem. You have probably never encountered this kind of problem statement ever before. And since you do not have to solve these problems – There go your formulae out of the window!

So what do you do? Our instructors will teach you a smart technique, called the Z-O-N-E-F, to plug in values to solve Data Sufficiency questions. You will also learn how to deconstruct complex Data Sufficiency questions to their simplest form, so that you can analyze them in the quickest time possible.

Also, as you progress up the difficulty levels and reach the 90th%ile range, creativity becomes a key factor in finding the solution to Data Sufficiency problems. It cannot be simple plug-and-play any more. This is why we don’t teach you math; we teach you creative ways to crack GMAT Quant questions!

Now that you know how we coach our GMAT students, why don’t you check out our GMAT prep options here to see which one best suits you!


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