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At CrackVerbal, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest, most focused & the most structured GMAT material. In addition to the Official Guides, which we swear by, we have developed our own material over the years, drawing on our intensive experience in the test-prep industry.  Read on to know how you stand to gain as a CrackVerbal student!


CrackVerbal GMAT Study Guides


To cover the entire GMAT syllabus, every Classroom CrackVerbal student is provided with 4 Study Guides:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Sentence Correction
  3. Critical Reasoning
  4. Quant


Our Online students can buy all our books on Kindle.Here is the where you can have a look at our our books on Kindle

All our Study Guides are copyrighted and contain:

  • Concepts & theory to accompany your GMAT classes
  • 500+ carefully crafted practice questions that closely replicate the official patterns
  • Powerful Tips for every possible topic & question type

Our four Study Guides together make a complete & exhaustive learning resource for all GMAT test takers.


GMAT Question Pack


With 2000+ official GMAT questions to practice from, the CrackVerbal Question Pack is the perfect supplement to our Study Guides. All the questions are retired GMATPrep® questions that have been compiled by our team over the years after attempting the test multiple times.


Containing questions that you will see on all levels of the test, from the 600s to the 750+s, this pack is a must attempt for all GMAT test takers in the final phases of their preparation. Since all the questions are from Official sources, these provide the closest approximation to the actual test.


GMAT Videos


Over the years we have kept online sessions as an integral part of the CrackVerbal Course experience, and on an average hold an online class every fortnight. This is a great medium for us to reach out to our students beyond the class hours and discuss specific topics and strategies regularly in detail.


All these sessions have been compiled into  50+ hours of an Online Video Library containing GMAT & MBA videos covering topics as far ranging as B-schools selection & Why MBA? to Advanced Verbal questions & techniques.


You will also get access to video explanations of over 300  OG Quant and Verbal questions on our YouTube channel.


Mock Tests


If you are in Bangalore or Chennai, you can book a slot at our test center to access:

  1. 8+ full-length GMAT mock tests that can be taken at the CrackVerbal Centers
  2. 2000+ GMAT questions to practice from
  3. 50 official IR questions, part of the GMAC IR Prep Tool


The CrackVerbal test-center is designed to provide you with an experience and environment that is as close to the real-test as possible – even including the scratchpads that you’d receive in the actual GMAT center!


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