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Hitesh Jolly—Meet the software engineer who scored a 710 on the GMAT

Posted on October 14, 2016

In conversation with Hitesh Jolly who scored a 710 on the GMAT.


What inspired you to do an MBA?

Even as a software engineer, I’ve always liked managing stuff and soon I realized that I wanted to do an MBA. I tried a lot of times to crack the CAT and similar examinations, but then I turned to GMAT. GMAT provides a wider prospect in terms of getting an admit to different colleges.

Could you tell us what you do?

I joined SAP in January, 2013. It’s been about three and a half years working there as an Associate Developer. I also work as a recruitment and training head for an NGO called Becoming I Foundation. As a part of the organization we go to low income schools and teach the students there.

How did CrackVerbal help with your GMAT preparations?

I did the classroom course at CrackVerbal. Since my office has flexible timings, every evening I would come home after hitting the gym and sit for quite some time with my studies. Arun would give a lot of assignments during the weekend, which I ensured I completed. I travelled all the way from Whitefield to Koramangala, specifically for Arun’s classes every weekend. The classes as well as the assignments helped me build the foundation for GMAT. Plus, the GMAT application process suggests you need only three months to prepare. I did just that and it worked!

Was there something in particular that you felt needed more attention?

Initially, critical reasoning proved to be a pain point. Every time I thought something was the right answer, it always turned out to be wrong. However, with practice and classroom training, I soon got into the groove and from then on, it was quite easy.

Which colleges are you applying to? How are you going about the application process?

I’ve just begun the application process. I am concentrating more on getting into a European school. The thing with European colleges is that the duration of a programme is shorter. Moreover, the B-schools there are much more economical than those in the United States.
I am currently taking the assistance of CrackVerbal for applying to five schools in Europe.

Is there a specific school that you want to join?

Though there’s nothing really in particular, I’ quite looking forward to getting into the Amsterdam Business School. The crowd and the environment seem interesting.

What do you think works better—doing an MBA immediately after undergraduate studies or doing it after gaining some work experience?

To be honest, if the ball had been in my court, I would have done my MBA immediately after college. But with things working out the way they did, I’m actually glad I worked before deciding to join a B-school. I feel my work experience has brought a certain level of the maturity and confidence required to shine in an MBA programme.

If you could give some valuable advice to MBA aspirants, what would it be?

• Ask yourself, why you are doing an MBA. Be clear and specific about your goals. Don’t do it just for the sake of joining the rat race.
• Find out if an MBA is your cup of tea. Do an internship or work under someone—get some hands-on-experience of managing people or managing a business. If you’re good at it, go ahead and do an MBA. However, if you realize that you’re not cut out for it, it’s better to avoid it rather than investing so much on a B-school and repenting it in the end.
• Since I’ve tried CAT as well as GMAT, I would suggest you opt for the latter. CAT is held once a year, so you end up leaving a lot to chance. There could be various reasons you may not perform up to expectation on the day of the examination. The result? You’d have to wait a whole year to reappear. GMAT on the other hand doesn’t offer such complications. With GMAT, you can appear more than once a year.
Also, from the ROI point of view, GMAT gives you more freedom to choose from a diverse range of schools and programmes.
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