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Sachin Sharma- An MBA Admit to ISB with a 740 on the GMAT

Posted on September 30, 2016
ISB GMAT Admit IIT Sachin Sharma

In conversation with Sachin Sharma, who scored a whopping 740 and got an MBA admit to ISB…


Could you tell us a bit about yourself before ISB happened ?

I’m an IIT Kharagpur graduate and I always wanted to start a venture in event management right after college. After working for 2 years, I felt that engineering wasn’t my thing. Since entrepreneurship was always on my mind, I spent 2 years working in a start-up where the kind of experience I had with people and the personal learning that I took home was very valuable. I consider that to be a very important phase in my career. Post that, I joined Oyo Rooms and worked there.

So, was an MBA always on your mind?

Yes, getting into a good B-school was always on my mind. I wanted to do it after substantial work experience. Since I hadn’t yet understood the value proposition of an MBA program, I didn’t want to jump in right away after minimal work experience.

How did you go about with your GMAT Preparation?

I never wanted to write the CAT. So I took help from friends and college mates who had taken the GMAT. I studied for 2 months using the material available online and the Official Guide. Since I didn’t have a particular strategy for my GMAT prep, I got a 710. I decided to give one more shot after better preparation. While I was researching for study material online, I came across CrackVerbal.

I really liked the lectures at CrackVerbal. I was pretty sure I would score better in Verbal than the last time. The first time I attempted the GMAT, my Verbal scores kept fluctuating and I knew that I needed to put in more effort for SC. After the classes, I got a better hang of it and it eventually helped me score a 740. I got a 51 in Quant and 38 in verbal. Even though I expected more, I was pretty happy with my performance.

How was your Application process?

I was pretty clear about where I wanted to apply. I didn’t want to apply to a lot of schools-just Top 12 B-schools in the US and ISB. ISB was my top priority because I wanted to stay in India and build my career here. So that was my first choice.
I took help from CrackVerbal for my application services and they helped me structure my story better. I converted a US B-school and ISB. And I’m quite excited about the journey ahead!

How was your MBA interview experience?

When I started off, I didn’t have a clear structure. You could be asked anything in your interview. When I started practicing, I realized that all interviews have a motive and in the end they want to see if you’re the right fit for the school. Every interview has a structure- a meaning, motive and purpose behind it.
I knew that whatever I presented had to be very clear. I also knew that I had to be very sure about the goals that I stated in my application. Most of all, I needed to know why that particular MBA was the right one to achieve my goals. I knew that as long as I was sure about these things, I would be fine during the interview.

How did CrackVerbal help?

CrackVerbal helped me get a structured approach to the GMAT, especially in the Verbal section. That’s where I found the preparation really helpful. Previously, I focused on my gut feeling while attempting the Verbal section. After the lectures, I looked at it more logically and with a clear mind-set. I had a tangible improvement with each lecture I attended.

With regard to Applications, the qualitative help that I gained helped get my story in place. I was able to diversify my profile and present it in a manner that created the most impact. CrackVerbal can guide you to the right approach- they helped streamline my application in the right direction.

Do you have any advice for other MBA aspirants?

For GMAT Verbal, I would say that all the questions have a standard approach. If you familiarize yourself with that, the hurdle with Verbal could be managed.

When it comes to applications, know your story well. Structure it well and be sure of why you’re doing this. It’s important to know why you’ve chosen a particular school and how their MBA can help achieve your goals.

Thanks a lot for your valuable time Sachin. And all the best with your ISB journey 🙂

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