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Harsha Teja Uppala

Posted on June 03, 2016
Harsha Teja Uppala GMAT 750 Kenan Flagler

In Conversation with Harsha got into Kenan Flagler with a 750 on the GMAT…

How did your GMAT journey start?

Doing an MBA abroad was always the dream. I wanted to live my dream. I first took the GMAT in 2013 where I managed to secure a score of 600. This was just on a trial basis to see where I stood in the crowd.

The second shot I took at the GMAT was when I wanted to make it count. My colleague told me about CrackVerbal and ever since then, I haven’t looked back. I wrote my GMAT for the second time and scored a 750! (Q49, V42)
How was CrackVerbal help you along the journey?

Verbal wasn’t my forte at first but after learning under the guidance of Arun, I managed to boost my Verbal from a 36 to a 42. I was already familiar with Quant, having attempted the CAT the year before under the influence of my friends. However, CrackVerbal helped me boost my Quant score to a 49. The material provided for Verbal was spot on. There were other books I could refer but CrackVerbal gave me the confidence that their material was alone sufficient. And yes, it was!
What prep-tips would you like to give to our audience?

Time management is the key here. If you can manage your time then you can manage your score. I focused on Verbal and with the help of Arun and the tips that he gave me, I managed to actually crack open the Verbal section.

This is for all the IT guys and girls out there. Leadership experiences, strong extracurriculars and an epic GMAT score will help you land your Dream School.
What B-Schools did you apply to?

Applications can be very time consuming and hard at first but with guidance it becomes a lot easier. I basically applied to 5 schools based on their ranking and the acceptance rate – Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, Tuck and Kenan-Flagler. I converted an admit to Kenan Flagler.
How did you manage to be unique among the millions that apply?

I basically have an IT background. But, the fact that I have a family business which I used to work with helped me differentiate myself.
Any pointers on the application essays?

Essays can be quite confusing when you start out.  I took a period of 2 months to pull off all my applications. My advice to all applicants would be to devote atleast 2 weeks to each college application. That way you can ensure that your essays are personal, specific and unique.

Thanks a lot Saurav for the valuable insight. All the best with everything.

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