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GMAT Registration

Posted on February 28, 2012
GMAT registration

Once you are all set to take your GMAT, follow these steps for GMAT Registration and book your slot.


Step by Step instructions to book your GMAT on www.mba.com.

1. Go to www.mba.com. Create your FREE Account. Go to New User Fill in the neccessary details.
2. Go to Schedule A GMAT Appointment
3. Select the Country , City , State , Test Center you want to take your GMAT test. You will see the list of test centers. Check the checkbox with the center you want to take your test. And Click the “Next” button.
4. Select the Month you want to take the test on. As you can see in the picture below. The dates that are available are highlighted in GREY. Once you select the dates, you see the timings available in the right hand box.Select the time slot you want.



5. Click “Select Exam Appointment”. And click the Next button
6. Fill in the appointment details.You will be lead to the payment page. Here you need to put in your billing address details as well as the Credit card Number.
PS : Payment can be done ONLY through credit cards or GMAT Vouchers.
7. Once the payment is through , you are all SET to take your GMAT!

All the best !!

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