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Posted on January 28, 2012
GMAT exam

At the outset there are no free GMAT questions to download on this. However there is something of far greater value that you need to know even before you start solving *any* GMAT question.

GMAT Questions require more than skills

Firstly understand that the GMAT questions are not testing only your knowledge of applying specific skills but they also testing your intelligence. To that they can just take a question and start testing you on some rule on grammar. There is a lot more science to it.
So GMAC (the council that creates the GMAT questions) actually does a lot more than pay some content-writers to write up some questions for say 10 bucks a piece.
They add a lot more complexity through various ways – making the gmat questions appear as “experimental” questions for a good few months, and analyze that data under a microscope before they change/accept/alter/discard a question. So the quality that finally comes out is very good. Very, very good. So good that none of the test prep companies can come close to it.

Where to find the best GMAT Questions

So ensure that you are reading only the best GMAT questions – ones you will find in the Official Guide. Read more about it here.
There are over 1500 questions in the 3 books put together. You may also wait for the Official Guide 13th edition that will come out in April 2012. Another great source for GMAT questions is the GMATPrep software.
It is perhaps one of the most under-rated resources for the prep. We strongly advice to take the GMATPrep atleast 4 times and take it multiple times to reveal as many “new” questions as possible. This is ofcourse not possible in a matter of few days or few weeks.
So we at CrackVerbal provide a softcopy of all GMATPrep questions published since 2006! Once again we strongly advice that you not rely on any other source of GMAT Questions.

How to use GMAT Questions

Remember that the GMAT questions you will solve will never be repeated on your actual test. So there is no point remembering what a specific question did. It is more important to see what structural element you can pick from the question. What was it that you needed to know – that you were not able to apply in the 120 seconds you had to solve the question.
In short – respect GMAT and don’t treat it like your 12th standard board exam where solving more questions can yield higher marks. As a matter of fact this is the 1st thing that we say in our workshops – don’t treat GMAT like a test that can be “hacked” by brute force – read as, “practicing tons of questions”.
Even if you have already solved the OG – make sure you are able to go through and pick the “structural” elements from the GMAT questions.
Hope these techniques make a positive difference to your GMAT prep! If you’d like to share what works for you and what doesn’t, please leave a comment in the comment section below.
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