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6 Reasons Why GMAT is Better than CAT

Posted on October 31, 2017

“Should I take the Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by the IIMs, or should I take the GMAT?” This question is the perennial butter-scotch/ black forest dilemma that any Indian MBA aspirant faces today.
Other major dilemmas students face are, “Which exam will I stand a better chance at?” “Which exam will give me more ‘bang for the buck’?” “Which test will give me access to MBA programs that are commensurate to my experience level?” And finally, “Which exam will open gates to the best management programs in the world?”

Let’s analyze some important points on the eternal CAT vs GMAT debate, to help you decide:


Factor #1: The Number of Aspirants


Over the last five years, both the CAT and GMAT have shown a consistent rise in the number of applicants, except for the last year. The number of aspirants for both the exams actually declined last year. However, even after considering the decline, the number of test takers for CAT is almost three times as much as the number of test takers for GMAT. Here is a brief illustration:


What does this mean for you?
Less competition and less pressure, which directly means to “more opportunities” for you!!


Factor #2: The Ability to Improve Your Score


One of the major factors as far as the CAT is concerned, is that it is like a bullet from a gun. Once shot, it cannot be recalled. Secondly, you only have one shot at the CAT, in a given academic year. You have a bad headache or a fight with your girlfriend on the day of your CAT or suffer from Delhi Belly, CAT will just say “BhaagBhaag, DK Bose”.


However, as far as GMAT is concerned, there is a lifetime cap of Eight times that you can take the test. In an academic year, you are allowed to take the GMAT five times, with an interval of 16 days between attempts. These repeat attempts do come at a price, but that critical option to improve your score exists and is used favorably by many candidates.


Target CAT/GMAT Score Number of Attempts



What does this mean for you?


This means that if you have a bad day or something crops up at work, you can shift your GMAT date to take it when you are ready. In fact, you can reschedule your GMAT dates online up to a week before the test date.


Factor #3: Section Selection


Before starting the GMAT, you can now choose the order in which you want to take up the various sections. This definitely help you, the test taker, to devise a strategy based on your strengths and weaknesses. This is a recent change to the GMAT test structure, introduced in July 2017.

Such section selection is not possible in the CAT.

We have done a detailed analysis of what this means to an Indian GMAT test-taker in this blog:


GMAT Section Selection – Everything you need to know


Factor #4: The Validity of the Score


Your CAT scores are valid only for that year. If you take the CAT in 2017, you can use the score to apply for programmes starting in 2018 and not after that. However, some institutions do give you the leeway to use your previous CAT scores when applying, but such schools are very few and far between.
On the other hand, GMAT scores are valid for five years.



What does this mean for you?


This means that you take your GMAT now and manage to get an awesome score but if you do not apply for some reason, you can use the same score to apply to any program even when:


• 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
• 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
• 2019 Cricket World Cup – England and Wales
• 2020 Summer Olympics – Tokyo
• 2021 World Ski Championships

are over 🙂


Factor #5: The institutions covered by GMAT

CAT scores in their current form, can be used only for admissions in the IIM’s and other affiliate Indian B-Schools. Although the CAT has been conducted for many years, it is still a very Indian test for Indian MBA programs.
Taking the GMAT opens the gates to the best institutions,both abroad and in India. Harvard Business School, Wharton and Stanford amongst other schools in the USA, INSEAD in France and Singapore and London Business School are some of the prestigious institutions that consider GMAT scores for admissions to their management program.
Top Indian B-Schools such as the Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad, Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM) in Chennai and SP Jain in Mumbai have also started considering GMAT scores for entry to their programmes.

What does this mean for you?


Well, we are certainly asking you to “Think beyond the IIMs” :). Not in the ponytail way, but know that GMAT will open a lot more prestigious doors than CAT will.


Factor #6: The relative ease of admissions

Acing the CAT is just the first step in what is an arduous and highly competitive admission process. Group discussions, essays and personal interviews are next before you bag the coveted admit.
And worsening your already difficult task is the fact that each step has a high and arbitrary “cut off”. You will have met the daunting sectional cutoffs, 10th marks, 12th marks, Graduation marks …… phew! before you finally convert it to an admission.
Also, the competition is unbelievably high. For about 1000 seats in the top five IIMs, you are competing with 200,000 people with similar aspirations. And do not forget the ubiquitous reservations!
Simply put, only 0.5 percent of the total number of applicants makes it to the IIMs.
Most B-Schools abroad have a streamlined system for admissions, which is also very subjective. Once you take your GMAT, you would need to send your essays and recommendation letters, in which there is a lot of scope to explain “gaps” in education and experience.
Heck, the schools abroad don’t even look at your 10th or 12th standard marks! It is all about how you are as a person, and not just meeting some arbitrary “cutoffs” which in all probability you don’t even know.

The conversion ratio is almost 10 percent for B-Schools who consider GMAT.





Encapsulating the five factors we discussed, here is a comparison of CAT and GMAT, in a tabular ready-reckoner:



All I will say is, YOU DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got any questions about the CAT vs GMAT dilemma? Leave your comment in the comments section below!
Head over to our E-book library for a more detailed analysis of CAT Vs GMAT!
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      1. Hello, I am a 2016 graduate with engineering background and will be writing both CAT and GMAT this year, but I don’t have any working experience.

        I did co-founded one of the college campus companies when I was 19 in 2014, thus having an entrepreneurial degree and background as well but it’s not a registered one. Will my this startup experience of three years count as a valid experience?
        Please help

  1. How does profile matters in getting GMAT India colleges?
    And if profile matters what are the aspects we need to look to enhance it?

    1. Hi Sourabh,

      For any MBA program, your profile is very important. The Admission committee want to know about your career goals and aspirations, your work experience, your personal experiences.. in short they want to know you completely as person! The advantage of applying to an MBA program with a GMAT score is that you stand a chance to present your profile irrespective of a high / low GMAT score. Unlike CAT, in GMAT your profile does not get rejected on the basis of your score

    1. Hi Rohini,

      Yes! Many foreign universities offer scholarships to those who have score a GMAT score in the 730 to 760 range.

      1. Hi, may I please know how much is the scholarship awarded to ones who score above 730 in GMAT as I am aiming for London Business School and as searched the fees is around 70 lakhs which is quite huge on the pocket.

    2. Hi ,
      I have my own business . Does that count as work experience?working with my father since 3 years because of family reasons. So is it valid work ex or not

  2. hi

    I have to go into some personal details here. I am currently working with TCS with 1 year experience with excellent academic scores.
    What chances do you see for me landing in top b-schools through GMAT?

    1. Hi Apoorv,

      The main advantage GMAT gives you is that your application gets a chance to reach the eyes of the Adcom committee for review. Unlike CAT, there is no initial cut off that eliminates applications from moving forward.

      Also, most schools that accept GMAT require a professional experience of 2 or more years. So, you may want to wait it out a bit before you apply with your GMAT score. However, if you are targeting Indian schools such as ISB – you have an option to apply through the Early Entry Option.

      Another advantage of applying through the GMAT route is that you have a fair chance to explain your personal and professional achievements through the essay questions at each B-school.

      With a 700+ GMAT score and a strong profile and essay, your chance of getting into a top b-school is definitely bright 🙂

      Hope this helps!

    2. Hello sir
      I have scored 88% in my X exams and 80% in my XII exams.I am pursuing second year bms and for now I have no job experience.
      Which is the right time to start the gmat preparations ?

    1. Hi Shivangi,

      Most B-schools have a minimum criteria of 2 years work experience and the maximum can run into any number of years 🙂

  3. I’m prepping for Cat currently, and I’m considering GMAT.
    However I’m in my last year of graduation & have no experience

  4. Hey, I completed my graduation in Business Management in 2014. I am considering GMAT. For the last two and a half years, I have been working with my father at our family owned business. Do most top B-schools in India and abroad consider that as work experience?

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      I think family business is a great story because it shows you have the cross-functional exposure that you otherwise cannot get. I have had a lot of students with family business getting into top schools.

      All the best!


  5. i want to sit for GMAT exam but i haven’t completed my undergraduate. Is work experience a must to get admitted to top indian b schools?

    1. Hi Hiya,

      There are a few programs such as the ISB YLP and HBS 2+2 that lets college students apply to the programs. The condition being – you would join them 2 years AFTER you graduate. You can google for more details about the program.


  6. Hi i have finished bsc statistics with 72% , MCA with 67%, 10th with 69% and 12th with 67%.
    I have work experience of 2.7 yrs in Web Development.
    I am planning to do MBA in Finance in Abroad.
    Can you please tell my best chances.
    Does it require work experience in specified field.
    Can you please help me guys.

    1. I think a huge determinant will be your GMAT scores. Make sure you get a kickass score and rest of it can be taken care of.

      Also if you can build a portfolio of your web development then it will definitely help in your application.


  7. I am planning to Sit for my CAT or GMAT right after my graduation (UG) . I have no work experience. So,is work experience a must for all business schools?

    1. I think you shouldn’t think OR – rather think AND.

      This means give both CAT and GMAT a shot. If you don’t get through CAT then you would’ve used the momentum to prepare for the GMAT – which is valid for 5 years.

      Work experience is preferred but some b-schools such as ISB in India takes students who have no experience as well – just google for ISB EEO.


    1. Hi Shivam,

      A lot of top candidates today are looking at the 1-year executive MBA programs offered by ISB and the IIMs. Also top companies like McKinsey routinely recruit people at these schools – so definitely a good option.

      CAT is a more of a “luck” game IMO.


  8. I want to do job in foreign country at a high post via mba … what should i do…what would be best for me to complete my dream of get settled in foreign ?

    1. Hi Anchal,

      Your best bet would be to take the GMAT and apply to a top B-School in the country of your choice.

      Most schools will give you the edge to compete with local students. So that should be your game plan!


  9. My scores in 10th and 12 are average so my question is can apply for GMAT exam and if I qualified GMAT than the B schools will allow me get addmision in b schools ?

    1. Don’t worry about school marks – once you take the GMAT then everything else is behind you.

      In fact most schools don’t even ask for your school marks in the application form – only college and above.


  10. M in college 1 year and I want to do MBA bt m still confused weather to go for CAT or GMat as most of my relative r sayng for CAT as it is more efficient than others MBA course and I don’t have any work experience will it effect in both cat or gmat.. please hlep

  11. I am 25 year old. I am done with my post graduation . And I’m working with my father from last 5 years in my family bussiness so if I apply for gmat will I eligible for b schools .

  12. I want to do a job in foreign country at high post and get settled in foreign.what should i choose…..CAT or GMAT???my scores in 10th and 12th are very good.Can you suggest me which will be the best one for my future??

    1. Hi Keziah,

      If you are looking for a job abroad then you should definitely consider the GMAT.

      With CAT you can only apply to Indian B-schools and opportunity to go abroad post that hugely depends on your luck.

      You could see how to go about your GMAT preparation by checking out our Trial Online Course at

  13. Sir i working with tcs for the past 2 months.i am in a dilemma whether to go for CAT or GMAT. I want to do a MBA from a reputed college and have no geographical constraints.Preparing for both wouldn’t harm but thenbit would only add to the confusion.if i go for GMAT how much time would it take to prepare for it inside out.

  14. Hi,

    I’m thinking about writing GMAT, but I’m struggling to figure how I’m gonna pay for my expenses if I get through to a college. I’ve no idea how the market is like for management folks right now & what are the chances of getting a decent enough job? My 10th & 12th & graduation scores are average at best but that shouldn’t be a problem as per the article but then what about placements? Won’t it affect placements? Lets keep the Harvards & the Stanfords aside for the moment.


    1. Hi Abhishek,

      Most students apply for student loans and scholarships. If you manage to get an admit in to any of the Top 50 B-schools then it should be easy for you to get a good job. Your 10th and 12th scores won’t play much of a role in your job placements post-MBA.

  15. Hello sir, i wanna prepair for GMAT i am a 2nd year delhi university (school of open learning) student. I have some gap in my graduation year and even not score good. So can i apply for GMAT just after my graduation. And even i dont have work experiance. So is this possible for me to get admission in foreign bschool. can give exam of GMAT first or i have to get experianc first. What i have to do after my graduation??? Please guide me

    1. Hi Kamal,

      Right now, You should focus on doing well in your Graduation. Your chances to get an admit into a Foreign B-school improves drastically if you have a few years of work experience and a good score in your graduation.

      You could start your GMAT preparation anytime (earlier the better). GMAT score is typically valid for five years, so you could answer the GMAT even before you start working and then apply to B-schools once you have a work experience of few years under your belt.

  16. Hii,

    I will be working in India after my MBA.Is it easy to study abroad and find jobs in India and is it really worth it?

    1. Hi Akshay,

      If you are planning to work in India post your MBA then we wouldn’t recommend studying abroad as the cost involved is much higher.If you manage to get an admit into a top B-school then getting a job in India wouldn’t be difficult.

  17. hey I am currently doing B.Com(1st year) and I am also doing some internships so my question is that If I have letter of recommendations from internships ,do my that work experience counted or not?

    1. Hi Rishabh,

      Internships are not counted as work experience. Work experience is typically after graduation and you should be on the companies payroll.

    1. Hi Harsh,
      GMAT can be taken anytime during the year. You can check our http://www.mba.com for details. CAT happens only once a year sometime in Oct / Nov timeframe. You can check the IIM websites for info on them.

  18. Hello,

    I am mechanical engineering graduate and have 3 years of experience in TATA group.I target to take admit in ISB situated in hyderabad.I am confused about the courses whether to go for one year full time executive MBA in finance or I should go for normal two year course work.
    Because from my research I think two year programme is better than one year to clear basic concept about finance.
    Do you have any other options related to finance MBA.Please suggest.
    I am planning to give GMAT & Is GMAT will opens gate for top most Indian Buisiness scholls in India.

    Gajanan Kulkarni.

    1. Hi Gajanan,

      Most MBA programs – become a specialisation in the last semester based on the electives you take. Whether it’s a one year or a two year MBA. With your kind of experience you should keep both options open. If you are keen on Finance, you should also do some certification courses on finance which show your interest for the same. Check of CFA. It will help you with your profile too.

  19. Hi,

    I am a senior software engineer with 6 years of experience. I am planning to take an executive MBA, my aim is to study without quitting the job. Firstly I would like to know is there any top B-school that offer executive MBA where we can expect placement also. Also, if I try GMAT, will that help me?

    I am basically from Kerala and working in Cochin now, kindly let me know the possibilities that are in front of me.

    1. If MBA is your goal then definitely GMAT is the test you need to take. All Indian colleges have placement options so you need not worry.

  20. I am a recent graduate . Am planning to join too b school abroad. But my issue is I do not have relevant work experience in analytics or any other MBA related field. Basically no management experience as well. Is my experience in my core field going to help me get into b school? Or do I need to take up some operations or analytics job in order to make my experience count towards getting admission into b school?

    1. Hi Anshul,
      You need to take up a job which will get you to the next job role. Please fill up a profile evaluation form on the website for the same.

  21. Hi! I just want to ask, say a candidate who doesn’t have 2 years of work experience but has good scores. Is there any scope of getting into a reputed b-school?

  22. Hi, ive completed my graduation(B.com) and Im working as C.S tax associate at Amazon.com. its been 1 year with my company. Will my work experience really helps in getting into a top B-school. Thank you for your reply.

  23. Sir. I’m presently pursuing my graduation and I’m planning to look out for GMAT so,my two main dilemmas are is work experience considered a crucial factor for getting into a b Skool abroad? And would I be able to manage the cost of living abroad if I get a chance?

    1. Hi Manisha, Yes to get into a top school atleast 2 years of experience is good.The cost of living depends a lot on you.If the school has dorms or is it in a not so expensive city, you can manage with the student loans provided.

  24. I did my engineering in instrumentation and control and got a core engineering job in a water industry .After a couple of years of experience planning to do MBA in finance and join finance companies like jp Morgan,Goldman Sachs ,Morgan Stanley .
    Is that possible or will I be able to work as a finance guy in the industry in which I had prior experience ?

    1. Chances that you get into a pure finance job without any experience is tough.I would suggest you take some certifications which are finance related to build your profile.You can explore CFA etc

  25. Hello sir, I scored 96% in 10th and 66.7% in 12th both in maharashtra state board. Currently I am in my 3rd year of engineering from Pune university with an average score of 60% with an internship of 1 year. If I prepare for Gmat, what are my chances of landing into best colleges across the globe?

    1. Hi Baba,

      Considering the fact your scores for both engineering and 12th are just about average, to get into a Top B-School You’ll need a high GMAT score and work experience that will separate you from the majority applicants.

      It’s always a good idea to start your GMAT preparation early! You could try our Free online course http://gmatonline.crackverbal.com/

  26. I am in my last year of BBA? What should i pursue further? Thinking of going for GMAT. But no work experience. Any suggestions?will i get admission on the basis of GMAT and good academic scores?

    1. Hi Divya,

      To get into Top MBA program you need atleast 2 years of work experience. If you are planning to get into management course without work experience then you could answer GMAT & consider courses like MIM from top institutes (HEC Paris, ESADE Spain, London Business School) or the YLP program from ISB.

      If you need any more detailed clarification regarding your career path then you can schedule a free call with our Consultant on 9008177800

  27. Hi, I have decided to write GMAT and hope to get into a good B school abroad. I am currently pursuing BCom hon with another course called CIMA. What is the advantage I have on completing CIMA, What is a good GMAT score to get and is it really really required to have work experience to Get into a good B school?

    1. Hi Ritvika,

      You would need atleast 2 years of work experience to get into a top B-school.

      For more detailed clarification regarding your profile & career path kindly get in touch with us for a free profile evaluation on 9008177800

  28. I scored 9.8 CGPA in CBSE board and 94.4% in 12th in Andhra Pradesh board. Currently I am in my 2nd year of engineering with CPI 6.2. I don’t have any work experience. What are the chances of getting into best colleges?

    1. Hi Ravi,

      It depends on What courses are you looking at and which countries you are targeting.

  29. Hi., I have around 5 years experiance and I am a qualified cost accountant(qualified in 2015 Dec) . I am looking for a 1 year MBA Course. Please advice when should i start start studying for GMAT if I want admission for a college in 2018 (India or outside India is fine) ? thank you.

    1. Hi Arathi,

      Ideally you should answer your GMAT by July, so that it leaves you with enough time for the application process.

      A good place to start your GMAT prep would be with our Free online course. You can access your course here http://gmatonline.crackverbal.com/

  30. Hi
    I have completed b.tech in 2014 and then did apprenticship in Bharat Dynamics Limited for a year and then i have been working as an administrator in a coaching institute of one of my friends. So, will this be considered as work experience and also i wanted to know how do the top b-schools expect ones profile to be for admission in to it.

    Also how do you suggest me to build my profile.

  31. Hey My question is if i completely prepare for GMAT exam will that prep will be okay for appearing for cat exams also?

    Seeking admission in b schools does the marks of btech matter i mean CGPI nd all?

  32. I have four years of work experience. I am planning to take GMAT. I am worried about the tuition fee and means of finance. How to judiciously select a good B school at an affordable tuition fee??

  33. If anyone want to persue mba from foriegn university.then is there a chance of getting scholarship or not. If yes then how?

  34. I recently passed 12th, i want to go for BBA , but i came to know that if i fail to crack GMAT or CAT then there is no scope after BBA, is it true ? and is it correct that we do not get enough time for the preparations of CAT or GMAT ?

    1. Go ahead and do your BBA. Focus on doing lot of things in the college which will help you with your profile. You can definitely study for GMAT or CAT along with the course.

  35. I am preparing for cat and gmat at the same time to primarily get into the top b-schools of india. I do not have an outstanding profile. Irrespective of the admission, is it true that the fees of a student who is entering the same course in the same institute through gmat score is much higher than the ones getting in through the cat score?

  36. Hello, I am a 2016 graduate with engineering background and will be writing both CAT and GMAT this year, but I don’t have any working experience.
    I did co-founded one of the college campus companies when I was 19 in 2014, thus having an entrepreneurial degree and background as well but it’s not a registered one. Will my this startup experience of three years count as a valid experience? I can manage proper LoRs from my mentors from the college, will the startup experience count?
    Please help

  37. Hy,
    I’m a fresher with no work experience from engineering background. Will i get enrolled in good schools abroad considering i score good ?

    1. It is possible if you profile during college is good. Lot of students have lot to talk about(even more compared to working people), like entreprenuership etc.

  38. Hi. Can I give GMAT n cat together?
    Which has greater scope of getting gud n less expensive colleges for MBA.

    1. yes of course, you can take it together. If you are looking at only India then CAT. If you want to keep your options open then GMAT.

  39. Do extra curricular activities, be it in any domain, eg. sports,social services etc, will be of any help while evaluating my overall profile in GMAT to get admissions?

    1. yes it is. It should also be substantial. Going to the club to play friendly matches with friends wouldn’t be very impressive.

    1. Work experience which is relevant to what you have done so far! And it should be aligned to your post MBA goals too.

  40. HI !
    I want to ask whether the B.Tech Grade Point matter for GMAT/CAT ?
    And if yes, then how much on a scale of 10 would be a descent grade point ?

    Please reply in elaboration, I am worried regarding the same.
    Thanks !

    1. Utsav,

      Where are you looking at applying? Yes will less experience grades will matter. However, if you have good experience and a great GMAT score. More than 720+ than it wont matter.

  41. hi
    This is Reshma. I am 2017 passed out. So, I don’t have any work experience. Is my profile is eligible If I am gonna write GMAT exam and apply for IIMs without work experience?

  42. Sir if I’m doing 1year diploma in airport management along with that i register in ignou university UG BBA as a distance. So i get placement in airport after my airport management course and worked 2 year in airport. So my UG course (BBA) also finished in that time. If i passed BBA with outstanding percentage and worked in airport for 2years. What are my chances to get admission through gmat in a top university? And I’m currently studying 1 year airport management course and I’m 1st year in BBA distance study along with airport management course so if above writtens happen did i get best university through GMAT? Is this a good plan?

    1. Are you clear on what role you want to do after an MBA. Your experience will help and a good GMAT score will help overlook your BBA scores too.

  43. Hi
    I completed my B.tech in 2016 and I am looking forward to do MBA from a top B-school. Should I go for GMAT or CAT?
    Will no work experience play a huge role in admission in any B-school abroad or in India?

    1. If you are clear that you want to do an MBA from a top B-school it has to be GMAT. Also though top schools will say freshers can also apply. The bigger problem is the competition you are facing with people who have experience.

  44. Hi,

    I am an IT professional with 3.5 years of experience in an MNC joined as a graduate hire.
    I want to pursue a master degree.
    I am also having a strong extra curricular profile.
    Can you please suggest which exam I should prepare for, CAT or GMAT?
    Provided I want to do my masters in India only.

    1. Hi Alokparna,

      If you are looking for an MBA in India and you want to keep your options open for ISB then GMAT is a good option. Also GMAT is not percentile dependent. A good score will always be a good score unlike CAT where it depends on who scored the highest. It also happens once in a year.

  45. i m planning to do MBA in top school either from India or abroad in finance. i completed my engineering 2017. i have an aggregate 57% in engineering . i have not started the preparation yet. for what shall i prepare so that i can give cat as well as gmat and also other private college exams like NMAT SNAP etc. As i have very less time so tell me for wt i should take coaching(cat/gmat) so that i can prepare for both the exams.

    1. Hi Aarav,

      Since you are looking at MBA from India and Abroad, we would recommend you to go with GMAT. With GMAT you are eligible to apply to all the B-schools abroad and also B-schools in India like ISB, SP Jain, IIM’s, NMIMS, XLRI’s, Great Lakes and many more.

      You could start preparing for GMAT and start working soon because most MBA programs prefer candidates with a minimum 2 years of work experience.

      To help us guide you better you could fill in the Free profile evaluation form https://applications.crackverbal.com/free-resources/mba-profile-evaluation/

      Once you fill in, one of our experts will get back to you in 48 hours. 🙂

  46. My name is Aakash Kumar. i am pursuing bba, this is my final year. I want to take admission just before my graduation complete. It means i won’t have any work experience. So will i be able to have admission in a good b-school, on behalf of my GMAT score. Thank you

    1. Without work experience, you are limiting your chances to a lot of good colleges post GMAT. You can look at the ISB YLP program with a good GMAT score and no work experience.

  47. Hi, My name is Lavee Gorakhpuriya. I appeared my gmat this month but did not secure a higher score. My profile as I have done my MCA from IGNOU with 73% . I am working as UI Developer in yash technologies having more than 6.5 years of experience. My pupose is to go for higher level management or want to switch in management level but with my including experience. I want to admit into top india b-schools. So should I need to go for GMAT or other exam? I am confusing in that. Can I prefer PMP certification to enter into management level.

    Please suggest me.

  48. Hi sir,

    I am currently, a 3rd year mechanical engineering student with average GPA scores, wanting to pursue MBA post graduation. My main concern is that i preferably want to study abroad but i don’t have any work experience and do not wish to acquire experience after my bachelor’s due to family pressures. So my dilemma is whether to prepare for GMAT or CAT in that case? And if my good scores in GMAT can compensate for my lack of experience?

    1. Hi Pooja,

      Most of the colleges abroad require a minimum of 2 years of work experience. You could look at the ISB YLP program with a GMAT score of 680+ or try answering GRE if you wish to abroad.

      CAT won’t help you to study abroad as it’s score is valid only in India.

  49. I Am A B Tech Mechanical Graduate 2016 passout i was into a family business since 1 year could i get into HBS through GMAT? or professional work experience is only required?

  50. hey I am thinking of appearing for gmat next year . I m in my final year of b.tech undergrad with no work experience at all does that affect my acceptance into the top b-schools can u pls help me out here!

    1. We would recommend you to at least work for 2 years and then apply for an MBA through GMAT or you could look at the ISB YLP program for freshers.

  51. hello, i just completed my under graduation and i don’t have any work experience so my question is will the global b-schools will take me for their institutions or is the work experience is mandatory to get in global b-schools and what would be the scholarship ranges available

  52. Hi,

    I would like to enter my information first. I completed my 10th(2009 batch) with an overall of 81 % and 12th(2011 batch) with an overall of 81 % again from the ISC board. Scored an overall of 8.23 CGPA in my B-tech in computer science (2015 batch). I have completed 2 years working in Tata Consultancy Services and currently pursuing and planning for completing another year with Tcs so as to have a total of 3 yrs experience.Planning to appear for GMAT in 2018.
    Kindly help me how a gmat score of 730-770 help in getting a good b-school in the U.S.A,U.K and India which would not be too heavy on the pocket and maximum scholarships awarded.
    Also please let me know the best colleges that I should aim for within this score and whether my profile suits the evaluation process.

  53. My profile : 10th -88% , 12th -50.74% and BBA IB-72%. If I score well in GMAT, can I get into a good and very affordable college in abroad for MBA/MIM such as in Australia, Canada and Germany whose total cost comes under 25 lakhs rupees?

  54. Hello there,
    I am an entc engineer but starter working in an IT Company as international BDE. Sales is not my cup of tea but now I have like 3 years of experience into the same and had to retain in the same industry so far due to some financial concerns. Now I want to take MBA and would like to know if I can get placed into FMCG , BFS or Consulting companies taking into consideration my past experience??

    1. Hi Mandar,
      If you feel sales is not your cup of tea how do you think consulting would be. Consulting would also require a lot of sales DNA.
      Request you to have a call with the team to understand your profile better.

  55. Greetings!

    I want to know does internship experience counted by the B-Schools?
    I have a 1 year full time internship experience..and I am confused whether it would be useful in my MBA Admission or not.
    Please help me with this.

    1. You need at least 2 years of work experience for majority of the Top MBA colleges.

      Also, there are a lot of factors which determine the scope of your admissions into an MBA program. Would request you to fill in our free profile evaluation form so that we can understand your profile better and then get in touch with you to advise you on the next best steps.

      Link to Free profile evaluation: https://applications.crackverbal.com/free-resources/mba-profile-evaluation/

  56. Hi,

    My academic qualifications are as follows:
    10th: 9.4 (89.3%)
    12th: 84 %
    B.Tech (VIT Chennai): 8.06
    Working for the last 6 months (Family business)
    aspiring for a call via ISB Early entry option (for 2019 intake)
    Do i stand a chance with a good GMAT score?I am planning on writing GMAT for admissions to Indian institutes and only incase i get scholarship in international programmes.

    Thanks and regards
    Madhur Gupta

    1. Hello Madhur,

      To apply in a top b-school you will need a strong application profile and a good GMAt or a GRE score – ISB just started accepting GRE scores.
      When are you planning to take the exam?
      If you want, you can take a free demo of our GMAT/GRE online course. GMAT – https://gmatonline.crackverbal.com/ GRE – http://online.crackverbal.com/gre

      If you need help with your prep, send in an email to our support team – support@crackverbal.com, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

  57. Hi i am a mechanical engineer and graduated in 2017 then i started my own business(recording studio and production house) i also take classes in a pre board school
    currently i am preparing for CAT and planning on moving to GMAT as well at the end of year i want to get selected in top B school in foreign so my question is do my personal business and teaching experience counts? And what would be better for me

    1. Hello Samiksha,

      Other than a role in Management, you can think about a role in Marketing, Finance, Operations, or Technology. This, however, will also depend on which college you wish to apply to. Have you given the GMAT test yet?
      If you are looking to get started with your GMAT Prep, give our GMAT demo course a try: https://gmatonline.crackverbal.com/
      And if you want to know more about your career path, you can sign up for our free profile evaluation here: https://applications.crackverbal.com/free-resources/mba-profile-evaluation/
      Our team will revert within 48 hours 🙂

  58. hello
    I am currently pursuing bba finance and accountancy from christ university banglore.
    I aim to get into good b-school in India only.
    I know gmat is accepted by top b-schools in India n as well as IIMs have also started considering it.
    I don’t have work experience and have average aggregiate marks in college.
    So should i go for gmat or cat?

  59. Hello,
    I am a instrumentation engineer and work in core steel sector in pure technical field which involves sales and marketing upto certain extent but this cannot be showed on any paper.Got a average academic profile. In my Bachelor degree i have a year gap due to of my mother got ill and expired eventually.I have 7 yrs of experience.Will Gmat work for me or should i go for cat. Which specialization i can target. Due to good terms with my boss my sales and Marketing acheivement can be put on paper along with other job accoledes. Please advice. I cannot afford foreign countries due to family issue.what ever i was cheecking of the profile of executive mba students they already did so much that their profile scores way above me….Such situations leads to mu confusion

    1. Hello Avirup,

      Have you decided your field of specialization based on your interest? Based on what you have written you have experience in the sales and marketing field, but is that where your focus lies? Also, do you have enough experience the field of your interest to show to the Adcom of universities?

      If not, you can consider a specialization in your current job profile.

      If you need help with your profile, you can send it in for a free evaluation : https://applications.crackverbal.com/free-resources/mba-profile-evaluation/

      Or you can get in touch with us at : support@craackverbal.com

  60. Hii
    I have 3 years of work exp in banking industry ( non marketing profile) and from the last 1 year i am working in my family business. I have average acedemics all though. I want to pursue mba in marketing in usa or canada can i give gmat. I already given cat but this year but didnt make it up.
    And i heard there are some colleges there which are taking admission in mba only on ielts so which is a better so is giving gmat necessary.

  61. Currently I am doing BBA studying in last year. Planning for GMAT is there need to complete graduation before appearing for GMAT

    1. It’s not mandatory to complete graduation to answer GMAT but most MBA colleges do look for at least 2 years of work experience but it shouldn’t matter as your GMAT score is valid for 5 years.

  62. Hey I’m currently in 2nd year of college (Btech – IT) , I want to go for MBA and would like to pursue it in Europe ( preferably Germany or Paris) . I want to ask the procedure and the scholarship process?
    Thank You

    1. You should look at taking GRE and doing a Masters in Management as most top MBA colleges abroad require minimum of 2 years of work experience.

  63. Sir, I have done BTech on Civil Engineering from National Institute of Technology, scored 77% marks, cleared GATE & IES Exams with AIR- 15, 71 respectively. I am working as Manager( Technical) in Government of India and have 4 years of experience.
    I want to pursue my MBA from US. In this regards I request you to kindly resolve some of my queries-

    What will be the good Gmat score? Can I get scholarship @ this profile? What will be the total expense for entire programme? Are there financing options available ?

    1. Hi Anuj,

      Thanks for writing. It’s difficult to answer all your questions in a comment.

      Would request you to Call us on +91 8880560000 to have a detailed discussion with one of our experts.

  64. Hi,
    I am 37 now. Have good scores in 10 th n 12th. Did my MBA in 2005. Worked with ICICI Prudential in training department for 3 years. Then got married n did not work due to family commitments. Now want to get back to work n write GMAT for better opportunities? Is it s correct decision?

  65. Hey,
    Is it really necessary to have a 2 year work experience or will it be fine applying directly after graduation provided I fulfill all the other criterias including a good GMAT score.
    Or this work experience will constraint me on applying freely to any college outside India ?

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