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5 B-School Admits with a 680 on the GMAT

Posted on March 15, 2016

In conversation with Arabhda Sudhir who scored a 680 on the GMAT and got multiple admits!


What was your GMAT score and what B-school did you get an admit to?

My GMAT score was 680. I was applying to masters programs but wanted to keep my options open at the same time. I got admits to IE Business School, ESADE, NYU SCPS, SP Jain and ROTMAN.

What were the schools you applied to?

I applied to IE Business School, ESADE, NYU SCPS, SP Jain and ROTMAN.

Wow! So you got an admit to every school you applied to! Congrats!! What was your motivation behind pursuing an MIM program?

I used to be a software engineer working in the business and automotive sector. I realized early on that I was more drawn towards management and entrepreneurship. So MIM seemed like the logical step to take.

How do you feel CrackVerbal helped you with your prep and applications?

CrackVerbal helped me quite a bit with GMAT tricks and techniques—especially when it came to SC.
The discussions were also quite educative and there was a lot to take away! The test series was also beneficial. In addition, Arun helped me out a lot with evaluating options and choosing the right B-school.

What do you think sets Crackverbal apart from other institutes that you may have researched? What made you choose us?

I think what stands out about CrackVerbal is that their approach is very pragmatic. In a rather short time frame, they teach you hacks that help crack the GMAT. CrackVerbal seemed more genuine right from the beginning. No selling gimmicks!
The instructors are not commercial and there’s always room for discussions.

How did you go about your preparation for the GMAT?

I had a rather busy schedule with work and hence very little time to work on my GMAT prep—as is the case with most applicants. I ensured I was there for all the classes and attended the advanced virtual sessions.
It’s quite important to work on your fundamentals as GMAT is more application based. It’s important to understand the hacks that are discussed in class.

What was your GMAT mantra?

Find out your learning methodology and do things that help you learn. Like Arun says—it’s more important to work on your weak areas than trying to perfect the areas you’re already good at!
Also, GMAT is just one of the criteria B-schools use to evaluate your application. And the best part is—it comes with the option to retake. So don’t freak out and just focus on your prep.

What was your experience on the day of the GMAT exam? Were there any techniques that you followed to keep time? What did you do during the breaks?

Visualization definitely helps! Take a few mocks—they help you get used to the structure and environment. I used my breaks to calm myself down and focus on the next part of the exam.
And yes, the “Snickers and water” snack was something I saw everyone try 😉

Would you give a few words of wisdom for our GMAT aspirants?

My advice would be—just be yourself, don’t stress out, and give it your best shot!
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