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How to get into ESADE Business School – Spain

Posted on May 24, 2014

In conversation with Aditya Priyadarshi who narrated his story of getting into ESADE Business School, Spain.

Find out how he went about his GMAT and MBA process from our conversation below! 🙂

Congratulations on your admit to ESADE Business School Aditya! Can you tell us what was your profile like before you decided to pursue an MBA?

Before I chose to pursue an MBA, I served as an engineer at VMware’s Research and Development unit with a prime focus on release sustenance for the company’s flagship product suite.
I graduated from Manipal Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Based on my interest in VMware’s ground-breaking technology, I surrendered an opportunity to work at a top consultancy and a chance to pursue an MBA from a top school in India in order to take up an internship with the company.
I was among the few interns who were eventually granted a full-time role. Four years at VMware with some of the best technical gurus from around the world catalyzed my learning curve. My work at VMware ranged all the way from leading teams through wellness competitions and community service projects to competing at hackathons and innovation forums.

What prompted you to take up an MBA program?

My passion for being an entrepreneur in a novel yet diverse market with significant growth potential established the MBA as an attractive track. The lack of vital insights around starting and leading a business was an alarming factor that I had to address.
My mission needs leaders not managers! The exposure to the analytical, functional and ethical aspects of doing business amidst an extremely diverse cohort that an MBA provides is critical for me to be able to lead my venture well.

How did you go about preparing for the GMAT?

“Pressure is a privilege” – Billy Jean King.
My job was a demanding one and I had to set aside the time after work and the weekends to study for the GMAT. I fixed a preparation window of about four months.With a brief look at the exam pattern and the GMAT algorithm, I quickly moved on to daily practice sessions using the “The Official Guide for GMAT review.”
I got hold of the GMAT prep software and subscribed to the quantitative and verbal question packs that it had to offer. I often came across doubts that I did not get clear answers to and I decided to shift gears by enrolling with CrackVerbal(CV) for their weekend batch.
The interactive lectures and Arun’s teaching style and rigor helped me nail the concepts I had struggled with earlier. The mock lab that CV offers is a boon.Utilize it! There’s nothing more important than building the mental stamina required to make it to your ball-park.
I learnt a lot from my mistakes during practice. Analyzing the errors and discussing doubts in class helped me breeze through the actual exam.

How did you shortlist B-schools?

For me, diversity was a major factor along with the focus on Entrepreneurship and CSR amidst a good alumni base. I analyzed the FT rankings and figured which schools fit the bill. The European schools with their diverse cohort and small class sizes immediately caught my attention.
Spain with its “tapas” and the glorious “fiestas” was a European country that I had always wanted to explore. I figured that an MBA in the Catalonian capital would be an experience I could not afford to miss.
Among the Spanish giants, ESADE with its Innovative Creapolis Center, flexible program structure with 12,15 and 18 month exits, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation labs shone right out of the box.
To know more about the school, I interacted with current students over webinars and was extremely impressed by what I got to learn about the local student clubs and the student culture in general.
ESADE was where I eventually applied.

How did you go about the MBA application process?

ESADE gave me an opportunity to have my profile assessed before I applied. That presented critical insights into my odds at making it to the program.Once they confirmed that my profile met their requirements, I initiated the formal process.The application was extremely straight forward and delved right into prior work experience, my goals and a test of fit with the program.
The application required two professional references. In just a couple of day’s time, I was informed that I had been shortlisted for an admissions interview with the Regional Admissions Director. I was asked to choose a slot for the interview in India.The admission committee was swift, efficient,helpful and extremely friendly throughout the process.

What was the interview like with the admissions panel?

On the D-day there was a case study that went on for about an hour.The case was an article from a business journal and I had to answer a few questions that followed.It essentially tested analytical and business skills.I eventually had to present the answers to the Director as if it were a presentation.This was done before the formal interview process started.
The interviewer and the interview were both pleasant. The motive of the interview was clear – to get to know the candidate better instead of creating a pressure Q&A situation. The interview ended with a couple of questions from my end.I was also informed about the tentative schedule for the disclosure of the results.

What are your short-term & long-term goals post your MBA?

My short-term goal is to transition to Strategy Consulting and to formalize my business plan at the same time. My long-term goal is to become a Partner with a major consultancy and to eventually utilize the expertize gained over the years to delve completely into running my own business which I would have prototyped and tuned over the years.

What advice would you give to future MBA aspirants?

“There is no wrong time to do the right thing” – Charles M. Blow If you feel that an MBA is the right thing for you – ask yourself why. If you get an answer, dive right in.Trust your intuition.If you wait for all lights to turn green,you’ll never leave your house.

What was your experience like with CrackVerbal?

Amazing. A weekend at CV was like a holiday at the beach.I savored every bit of Arun’s classes. The support and personal attention that I got from Arun and Vijay, and the assistance that Likkesh extended while scheduling and re-scheduling my mocks were all extremely valuable.
CV has an amazing setup with a lab that could help students practice what they learn.The classes were perfectly sized that fostered interaction, and helped make studying fun. I would recommend CV to all those who dream of making it to their dream schools.

Any interesting anecdotes from your MBA journey?

Very recently, I called up the bank to find out about financing options. The person on the other side of the line (a Bank Manager) was the father of a student who had apparently made it to one of the European MBA programs this year.He asked me if his son had taken the right decision and we discussed MBA programs in Europe thereafter. Seemingly, MBA admissions does bother the financier after all 🙂
Thanks Aditya for that very insightful interview. We wish you all the best! 🙂
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